Fun in the Sun

Sessions are FULL for the 2017 Summer Season

The Flutie Foundation is a proud sponsor of the AccesSportAmerica water sports program for children on the autism spectrum at the Pappas Rehab Hospital in Canton* (Formerly the Mass Hospital School) and at Spaulding Rehab in Boston.  Annually, this adaptive program offers 50 children and adults with autism the opportunity to take part in windsurfing, Hawaiian outrigger canoeing, surfing, and more!

"My son had the time of his life! I couldn't believe, at 8 years old, he was literally wind-surfing independently! He was so empowered and excited! I have never seen him so proud of himself! Thank you so much!"

- Parent of Fun in the Sun participant.

Formally founded in 1995, AccesSportAmerica's water sports program is completely safe while bringing out incredible physical and cognitive gains with all participants. AccesSportAmerica's executive director, Ross Lilly, has been adapting and teaching water sports for over 20 years to people of all dis/abilities. These "high challenge" sports bring out more focus and higher physical function than ever imagined and the program is great fun for all ages. Various sessions are available, running from June through August. Sign up and discover something new in sport and in your child. AccesSportAmerica will work with any child or adult and parent participation is encouraged! Stable platforms and rigs are used to make all comfortable - if one doesn't want to get wet, they won't. In addition, the instructor to participant ratio is often 1 to 1 or better!

*The Reservoir Lake at Pappas Rehab Hospital School is directly behind the school complex with the benefits of staff and care services. This is a safe, isolated lake, in which AccesSportAmerica is often the sole user.

Waiver Forms will be emailed after applications have been received. Waivers must be received as originals, no copies accepted. Waivers can be mailed to:

Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism

Attn: Lisa Collins

P.O. Box 2157

Framingham, MA 01703

Please contact with any questions.