How We Support Families and Caregivers


Families affected by autism want what every family wants – for their loved ones to be healthy, to learn, enjoy friendships, work, to live fully.  Too often they struggle to find and afford effective interventions that will make all the difference throughout their loved one’s journey. The Flutie Foundation helps families by:  

  • Funding organizations that provide opportunities to individuals and families living with autism to get access to services, lead active lifestyles and grow toward adult independence.
  • Providing direct family support both financially and as a resource for local service providers.
  • Advocating for greater acceptance and awareness of autism spectrum disorder.


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The Annual Grant Program identifies and funds organizations best equipped to provide therapeutic, educational, recreational, and employment supports for people with autism.

Direct Family Support

Joey’s Fund Family Grant Program accepts applications from families that need financial assistance for their family member(s) with autism. Families can apply for up to $2,000.

Employment for People with ASD

Flutie Spectrum Enterprises is a social enterprise, utilizing business principles to fulfill its social mission of employing adults with autism.

Water Sports Program

Fun in the Sun Program provides camp scholarships for children and adults on the autism spectrum to participate in an adaptive water sports program.

Wandering Prevention

Safe & Secure Program provides SafetyNet Tracking Bracelets to caregivers of individuals with autism in select New England states with a history of wandering.


Advocates for Autism of MA strives to educate individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families to be effective, vigorous agents of change.