Joey's Fund Family Grant Program


Financial Support Grants

Open Date: February 2018

Close Date: March 2018         

Tina Cantu

Tina Cantu currently works with her husband in his neurosurgery practice at Emerson Hospital as a nurse and attorney. She also does contract law, labor law work and sports medicine law as a consultant.

Doug & Laurie Flutie

Doug & Laurie Flutie met as high school sweethearts in Natick, MA and have two children - Alexa & Doug, Jr. They created The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism in 1998 after Doug, Jr., was diagnosed with autism at age 3. Realizing the difficulties that many families with children with autism encountered on a daily basis, the Fluties decided that they wanted to form a foundation to help those who were less fortunate.