Allison Keller Education Technology Program

"My best me with the iPad is more near to me than me without the iPad."
-Allison Keller via her iPad speech application

The Allison Keller Education Technology Program is currently closed

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The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation 2018 Signature Grant Cycle Guidelines


We award our Signature Grants to dozens of partner organizations throughout New England, NY, NJ and parts of Florida. Our three priorities are to promote 1) Access to Services, 2) Active Lifestyles, and 3) Adult Independence for individuals across the autism spectrum. 

Safe and Secure Project

Wandering Prevention

Safe & Secure Program

The Flutie Family Safe & Secure Program is a partnership between the Flutie Foundation and SafetyNet Tracking Systems in an effort to help those with autism who tend to wander.

Joey's Fund Family Grant Program


Financial Support Grants

Open Date: February 12, 2018

Close Date: March 11, 2018       6PM EST