“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”

— Thornton Wilder


Networking & Training

Our relationship with our community partners does not begin or end with a grant decision.   Each year in December, the Flutie Foundation host our annual Partner Summit, where we convene all grant applicants and offers capacity building workshops to help them achieve their mission.  These educational opportunities highlight a diverse range of topics such as social media, development, marketing, and volunteer management. To ensure you are receiving the most up t0 date informational and schedule of events, be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter

How We Support Schools & Organizations


The Flutie Foundation strives to strengthen the capacity and programing of organizations that are meeting the needs of individuals and families living with autism by:   

  • Awarding grants to organizations through our competitive grantmaking program.
  • Expanding a school’s access to technology tools that improve learning outcomes.
  • Identifying opportunities for partner organizations to convene and collaborate.
  • Offering educational workshops and trainings to non-profit professionals and volunteers at our Annual Partner Summit.


How We Support Families and Caregivers


Families affected by autism want what every family wants – for their loved ones to be healthy, to learn, enjoy friendships, work, to live fully.  Too often they struggle to find and afford effective interventions that will make all the difference throughout their loved one’s journey. The Flutie Foundation helps families by:  

Make a Monthly Gift

For families caring for a loved one with autism, small steps often lead to big accomplishments. Same goes when you make a monthly gift that overtime will help ensure that these families get what they want - access to programs and opportunities that make sure their loved one is healthy, learning, enjoying friendships, working, and living life to the fullest.