How We Support Families and Caregivers


Families affected by autism want what every family wants – for their loved ones to be healthy, to learn, enjoy friendships, work, to live fully.  Too often they struggle to find and afford effective interventions that will make all the difference throughout their loved one’s journey. The Flutie Foundation helps families by:  

Make a Monthly Gift

For families caring for a loved one with autism, small steps often lead to big accomplishments. Same goes when you make a monthly gift that overtime will help ensure that these families get what they want - access to programs and opportunities that make sure their loved one is healthy, learning, enjoying friendships, working, and living life to the fullest.   

Become a Corporate Sponsor


Each year, companies of all sizes and sectors show their support for children and families affected by autism through contributions to the Flutie Foundation. 

These contributions are made in a variety of ways but together they allow the Foundation to provide help to over 10,000 families each year. It also has the added benefit of helping companies achieve greater commercial success by enriching the value of corporate brands; increasing customer loyalty; and boosting staff morale.



July: Sponsoring Athletes with Autism

June: Lifting the Financial Burden for Families

May: Our Special Night to Shine

Have you been to the mall lately? They’re already unpacking and putting up holiday décor! It’s only October!

Executive Director Job Posting

Location:  Framingham, MA                             

Required Experience:  5 Years +

Employment:  FT/40 hours per week                        

Required Travel:  10%

Reports to:  Board of Directors                            

Relocation Covered:   No

As a former police officer, I know firsthand when an individual goes missing, time is not on your side. Locating and safely returning a loved one as quickly as possible is the name of the game.

Flutie Foundation staff recently enjoyed a beautiful summer day having Fun in the Sun with AccesSportAmerica in Canton, MA.

Let FSE take care of the busy work that is taking you away from your business!