About Andrew

Andrew Roberts was diagnosed with PDD/NOS at the age of 2 and his parents were told he may never speak.  But thanks to his early diagnosis and intensive home ABA services he was able to make significant progress in a very short time and was able to enter public school with supports at age 3. Capitalizing on his love of letters and numbers Andrew's parents gave him some baseball cards and he soon began learning all of the players numbers. This evolved into a love of the game and learning the Red Sox starting lineup. In 2009 at the age of 5 he got to read the lineup on TV for NESN as a junior announcer as well as say “Play Ball” at the beginning of a Sox game.

His fandom has grown over the years and after checking out a book at the library called "How to Start a Blog" he started his own sports blog BostonSportsMania 5 years ago. His research has been featured on 98.5 The Sports Hub.  This past summer Andrew interned at the Boston Herald and attended Sports Announcer camp for a 5th consecutive year. 

Today as a Flutie Fellow, Andrew continues to work towards his goal of becoming a professional sports broadcaster. He recently covered the Special Olympics Games in Seattle and was invited to be a member of the press at the New England Patriots Training Camp.  Andrew has served the Emcee for the Flutie 5k for the last two consecutive years. 

Watch Andrew interview Doug Flutie at our most recent Night to Shine Gala »