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Flutie5K 20th Anniversary

Flutie5K 20th Anniversary


The Flutie 5K is celebrating its 20th Anniversary as one of Greater Boston’s premier road race/walks to raise awareness of autism!  Each year over 1,200 runners, walkers and spectators come out to support the Flutie Foundation, the autism community, and one ano

Other Events

Community Sponsored Event

"Gonk Knocks" Football Night

Flutie Fellow, Andrew Roberts, will be showcasing his most recent project with behind-the-scenes videos he created of the Algonquin Football team! His event at APEX Entertainment in Marlborough, MA, will featuring a night full of food, bowling, special guests and his video on the big screen!

Click here to participate in the online auction and buy your tickets today: https://www.accelevents.com/e/GonkKnocksFootballNight/?fbclid=IwAR19oKKcBKgPq_BOpTvQi-iCLBzDnCtL5Nbe3QejtTTIxLRXFaV5ColUrZ8