The Flutie Foundation is proud to sponsor AccesSportAmerica’s adaptive program, the Flutie Watersports Program, for individuals on the autism spectrum taking place starting at the end of June 2023- August 2023 at Malibu Beach in Boston, MA. This location is a flat-water lagoon, ideal for teaching water sports.

The duration of all sessions is 1 hour 15 minutes. A parent or guardian must remain visibly on site of the recreational area during sessions. 

Annually, the Flutie Foundation is proud to host and sponsor this adaptive program that offers 50+ people with autism the opportunity to take part in windsurfing, Hawaiian outrigger canoeing, and stand up paddling -to name a few- while building confidence and having fun! Minimum age requirement is 6 years old.

The Flutie Watersports Program and AccesSportAmerica will work with any child or adult and parent participation is encouraged! Stable platforms and rigs are used to make all comfortable. The instructor to participant ratio is often 1 to 1 or better. Life jackets will be worn by all athletes, staff, and all others on the water at all times during program. 

Please click here to read Frequently Asked Questions.

Dougie Jr. at AccesSportAmerica


"We loved the program. Our daughter has been hesitant to get in the water. After participating in the program, she wanted to go to the beach and try to swim!"


Formally founded in 1995, AccesSportAmerica's water sports program is completely safe while bringing out incredible physical and cognitive gains with all participants. AccesSportAmerica's executive director, Ross Lilley, has been adapting and teaching water sports for over 20 years to people of all dis/abilities. These "high challenge" sports bring out more focus and higher physical function than ever imagined, and the program is great fun for all ages. Various sessions are available, running from July to August. Sign up and discover something new in sport and in your child.