About Kyle

Kyle Grossman was born premature, resulting in very poor vision and little muscle development; he’d learn to walk at four years old. Neil and Dori Grossman, Kyle’s parents, were determined to give him as normal a childhood as possible. In high school, Kyle joined the high school cross country team despite his unorthodox form and inability to run in a straight line. Every race he was able to finish was a miracle to his parents and served as inspiration to those around him.

After continued improvement throughout high school, Kyle became one of the most dedicated members of his local running club upon graduation.

“Kyle wakes up running, eats running and goes to sleep running,” said his father.

Now 25, Kyle has run two sub 4:00:00 marathons and in 2018 he completed his life-long goal of running the Boston Marathon as member of Dougie’s Team. As a Flutie Fellow, Kyle continues to raise awareness for the Flutie Foundation by competing in races in his hometown of Fresno, CA. Kyle is running to give back to others with autism who may not be as fortunate, and hopes to inspire people with his passion for the sport.

Check out this most recent video of Kyle training »