About Mike 

Mike Palmer 27 years old on the Autism spectrum. Mike grew up in Hopkinton Massachusetts and fell in love with the Marathon. Living about 1.5 miles from the start he could be seen cheering runners from the start line. He would be seen running home after the marathon and and being told he was going the wrong way. It wasn’t until 2018 when he got serious about running and set his goal on the Boston Marathon. In 2019 his dream of running the a marathon become true and he ran and was hooked on running. Later that year he ran another one. When Mike is not training for marathons, he is an advocate for people who are on the spectrum. He believes everyone on the spectrum can be just as successful as people not on the spectrum. Mike currently works for Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the Masshealth department. In his free time, Mike loves watching sports, traveling and spending with friends and family.